GPM Halftime - Charged $127.55 for a $19.95 purchase

Vermilion, Ohio 1 comment

I ordered a drill set from GPM Halftime for $19.95 and was charged in excess of $127.After placing the order I was constantly offered other products and services from upgrades to magazines until I just hung up as I could never speak with a "human".

My bank said I would need a police report as the scam was in excess of $100. When I called GPM Halftime they reduced the charges to less than $100 and rudely said it would be some time before I received the balance. The spokesman would not allow me to speak to a supervisor or give me the exact name and address of his company. I noted on that others were duped in this same manner.

My belief is that GPM plays on the likelihood that no one will file a complaint because it means ascertaining a police report and requesting a new credit card. Further, after the items are returned they keep a portion of your money for "administrative costs".

Moreover, the bank will end up saying the matter is between you and GPM so there really is no recourse except Attorney-Generals or the FTC.All one has to do to uncover this scam is to get a regulatory agency to order from GPM to experience first hand their heinous practices, but that is something apparently no agency or credit card issuer wants to do.



Was going over My husband Accounts AND we have a charge for $ 101.65 from a place called GPM HALF TIME, we have no idea what this is???

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